Where should I hang my fur garment at home?

·       Use broad-shouldered hangers when hanging a fur garment.

·       When hanging in a closet, allow space to prevent it from being crushed or creased by other garments

·       Never store your fur with moth balls

·       Do not store your fur in a bag of any type while at home or in a storage facility

·       Hang your fur away from heat sources such as radiators and heat vents.

·       Do not allow your fur to be exposed to direct light for a lengthy period of time. Long-term exposure to direct light can cause oxidization and discoloration

What should I do if my coat gets wet?

Most furs can handle snow and rain with aplomb, so don't panic if your coat gets a little wet. Just shake it out and hang it to dry slowly, away form direct heat. Resist the temptation to use a hair dryer, and don't comb or brush fur.

Avoid direct heat sources since high temperatures will damage both fur and leather. Once the fur is dry, shake it again.

If your coat has been soaked through, take it immediately to your furrier for proper treatment.


How often should I have my fur coat cleaned?

Fur experts recommend cleaning your coat at least once a year, even if it has not been worn. If you wear your fur a lot, then it is recommended to clean it twice, once during the winter season and once during the summer.
Fur attracts dust and pollutants in the air. These substances get caught in the hair and absorb the natural oils from the pelts like a sponge. This causes them to dry out and become stiff and brittle. When your coat is cleaned these substances are removed, slowing the inevitable drying process. Cleaning and storing your fur every year could be the difference between your coat lasting 8 years or 20+ years


How do I travel with a fur coat?

Fur travels easily. Fold it before putting it in your suitcase and simply shake it when you arrive at your destination. When flying, keep your coat in your lap or put it in the overheard compartment; be careful not to let other luggage be placed on top of your fur coats.


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